Practice SEL Through Theatre

Practice Social Emotional Learning Through the Transformative Power of the Arts

Our programming is designed to help young people develop skills such as empathy, communication, and self-awareness through the power of theatre. Our experienced instructors use engaging and interactive methods to help students learn and grow in a supportive and inclusive environment. As one of the most inclusive and collaborative art forms, Theatre Arts is for EVERYONE!

Created to inspire conversation, connection and confidence through the transformative power of theatre, Social Emotional Theatre (SET) is dedicated to providing quality services, shows and supports so all you have to worry about is having fun!

What we do here at Social Emotional Theatre (SET):

Workshops and Residencies

Bring the magic to you! whether in a classroom, after school program or troop meeting, SET brings fun and engaging workshops to your location!


Educator? Counselor? Admin? SET has resources and tools for you to confidently use to activate creativity and collaboration with your community, without needing to be an expert!

Shows and Productions

See the learned skills in action! Bring a live production to your school or organization!

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These bite-sized resources are a great place to start!

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Positive Mindset Activity and Coloring Book

Use this printable activity book as a resource to help build confidence, navigate big emotions, and build self awareness!


To inspire community, creativity, and conversation through the transformative power of theatre arts.


“Thank you for creating a space where families no matter their background or struggles can come together and be a part of something! As a mother of 5, I noticed that my daughter (who was involved) was stuck in a bubble and had trouble communicating and socializing with others. Through this process I watched her come out of her shell and show her personality! If I could say anything to anyone who was thinking about doing this program it would be JUMP OFF THE FENCE! This is something that we all need!”

-Mikesha Morrison ‘22 Summer Program Parent

My Story:

Blaire Smith is a Washington based theatre artist and drama educator, who is excited to come into your community! Although she calls Seattle home, she has shared her love of theatre on stages all over the world.She enjoys all aspects of theatre. Starting her theatrical journey at a young age, She has acted, directed, stage managed, choreographed and designed on stages both large and small throughout 49 states and 12 different countries.She is a graduate of the Teaching Artist Training Lab from ARTSWA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from Western Washington University, and a Masters of Arts in Social Emotional Learning. She believes theatre and creative storytelling have the power to unite and empower all people. She is an advocate for the arts and arts education and is honored to bring theatre anywhere she goes.

I am passionate about creating strong communities! Join us and discover your potential!


Workshops, Classes, After School Enrichment, Program Residencies:

Enrolling your child in a theatre program that teaches life skills through theatre can be an incredible opportunity for their personal growth.

Theatre education has been proven to enhance creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills. It also encourages teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

By participating in such a program, your child will be exposed to various cultures and perspectives, which will broaden their worldview.

Moreover, theatre classes provide a safe space where children can express themselves freely, develop social skills, and build lasting friendships.

Your child will not only grow as a performer but also as a person.

Sign them up for this life-changing experience today!

Practice SEL Through Theatre

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